Be thankful every day, not just on Thanksgiving day

Today is Thanksgiving. What I find very interesting about our lifestyle in the 21st century in California is that we forget what it's like to enjoy a simple life. We're so up to date with the next new and up and coming gadget that is supposed to be helping our lives, but we forget that we've lived thousands of years before these products were even conceived. Don't get me wrong, I call my phone my life and without it I do feel helpless. I'm slowly learning to appreciate life without my phone and using it as a tool to help me live my life, not run my life. Sure, every once in a while I find myself mindlessly scrolling through various social medias to feel connected to life. But lately, I feel more connected when I just take in my surroundings and see what I have around me in that very moment. 

Being grateful for the life you have is never easy. We become very busy living our lives every day. I've been trying to make a positive change in my lifestyle to try to be happy. Those changes include

1.) Becoming more active by working out  // even if it means taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Or parking farther in order to walk more. Yoga is also my new thing. 

2.) Surrounding myself with positivity // Positivity breeds positivity. If you hang around happy people, eventually you will be happy too.

3.) Being in the moment // Learning to breathe. These two come hand in hand. If I focus on my breath, I am in the moment.

There are far more changes I've been trying to do in my every day life to help me along my path. If you've taken a look at my instagram account, it's not always the most consistent feed, but it's what makes me happy. The quotes I post are what I hope to feel. I want to feel better. In the book "The Happiness Project," one of the author's commandments is to "act the way you want to feel." I feel like it's the perfect mantra for any one who is having a rough time in their lives. 

So today, after I've finished typing this post, and scrolling through my IG feed before I go to be, I will promise myself that tomorrow, I will try to live fully in the moment and enjoy my day with my family. Not because it's Thanksgiving, but because today I am grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to have my family with me on this day. 

I'm coming back to blogging as a way to help me jot my thoughts down in my virtual diary. I hope you find that reading along will help you find yourself and your path to happiness. 


//Ona Bag//

Photography is great! It's been so fun to capture pieces of my life and sharing it with the people that matter the most to me! I am by no means a professional and just like learning all different kinds of art. Over time, I've collected a great little collection of photography gear.

Today, I'd like to introduce to you my new purse... or rather, camera bag! This is the Black Bowery canvas bag/ insert. It was gifted to me by one of my best girlfriends for Christmas. Ona bags are so fashionable, you'd never know it was a camera bag from first sight. It's the perfect size to fit my Canon G16 and my "gear" (extra battery, charger, and mini joby) while still having enough room for my wallet and girl stuff (chapstick, compact, clipper card and of course, my iPhone). I'll post a "what's inside my bag" post a little later this afternoon!


J'adore // Influenster

Hey cupcakes!

It's definitely been a while since I've posted on here! Just living the life and living the dream!

I'm here to share with you some cool products I've received from Influenster. What's Influenster you ask? It's a company who partners with brands and sends samples to tastemakers and shares their new products through social media. If you love trying out new products and telling your community about it,  you can sign up here and let them know @cupcakepeonie sent you!

I've received the J'adore voxbox that included Hershey's Kisses, Boots Botanical Beauty Clay mask, Kiss "Looks so natural" false lashes, John Frieda's Frizz Ease 3 day hair straightening spray, and Red Rose's teas.

To the reviews:

Now how can ANYONE resist chocolate? I received a family sized bag of Hershey's kisses! How can there be anything bad to say about that? I shared all of them with my friends and family and they were the perfect colors! Pink, red and silver! These were definitely gone in a heart beat. 

My second favorite item is the Ionic Clay Mask from Boots Botanics. I've always been interested in trying out this brand which I've seen from target. Now girls,  for the chickas who glisten just a little before lunch, this mask is perfect for removing impurities and cleanses deeply. I've used it a few times since receiving the box and it has greatly improved the shine of my skin. I will be purchasing this product again once I run out!

Red Rose's tea was another product I received from my Influenster J'adore vox box. I got 4 packets, 3 creme caramel and one lemon chiffon. The creme caramel was a little too flavorful for my liking but the smell was downright delicious. I'm saving the lemon chiffon for a night in. 

Now on to the lesser liked products:

We all have a glamourous side... and these lashes do the trick! These falsies by Kiss in the "looks so natural" are a little more glam than natural. Maybe for girls who do already have naturally amazing lashes they may enhance what you were born with. For others (like myself) these are an eye opener. Instead of the glue provided, I used lash duo and made sure to cut them to fit my eye lid. They were a little too big for my liking and not really "natural." They would be perfect for a night out on the town!

John Frieda hair care has always treated my color treated hair perfectly. Since then, I've cut my hair short and removed all the dyed hair from my pretty little scalp. The Frizz Ease 3-day straight flat iron spray was a little too heavy for my fine hair. It did smell delicious but I will be giving this to my girlfriend who has amazingly thick hair.