//Work it out//

Live simply. Live better.

For the past few months I have been doing a cleanse. And not the starve-yourself-drink-only-liquids cleanse. But a cleanse of the mind, soul and body. Living simply works wonders for your life.

Doing yoga for the body has helped me discover movements I have never felt and gives me some "me" time to just breathe. It almost feels as if I'm not working out at all. Even if it's just a short 15 minute session or a lengthy hour long session, at the end of the workout I feel happy to have worked out my day on the mat. My favorite has been "Yoga with Adrienne."

More and more I'm realizing that I need to go back to nature. No matter how much is going on in the city and how many fun social events I do in a week. It's always the one weekend I take to just be one with mother earth that always grounds me (literally). Any hike, big or small is better than no hike at all. Even if it's just a short brisk walk to see a water fall, or a crazy up hill climb to the top of Mission Peak. Something is always better than nothing. I usually find at the end of the trip, that I actually enjoyed myself, even if I'm not always enjoying it while in the moment. (Mission peak again anyone??? For sure a leg burner...)

The last and greatest thing I could have done for myself is to let go of anything that is holding you back. And not just to pretend to let it go... REALLY let it go. Ex-boyfriends, un-trustworthy friends, negative people, negative energies, debt, even habits you thought were good for yourself (ahem - retail therapy anyone??? How else did you expect I got into debt?) By simplifying my life and realizing that I am happy with what I have really has been the best sort of cleanse that I have done for myself so far this year.

I can't tell you my secret. To be honest, there really isn't one. I worked through some tough bumps last year and realized this year I wanted it to be better, so I changed the only thing that I could. Myself. You can't change other people. The more you try, the more they resist. So, instead of trying to change them, change yourself. Ask yourself if they are deserving of your time. Ask yourself how much energy are you giving to other people when you could be putting that energy towards improving yourself. Ask yourself if the bad habits you see in other people are the habits you want in yourself. Are they? Probably not. So change yourself and tell yourself that you will do better. Be better. And work harder to be happier. It's a proven fact, happy people attract happy things.

So far it seems to be working for me!


Feed the flow...

My feed doesn't always flow... What I'm talking about is my Instagram feed.

Some people are just really good at keep their feeds very consistant. It's probably why those people's followings keep on growing. I, on the other hand, care not for a growing feed, UNLESS it's reaching out to the people and touching them in some way. I've never been the kind of person to really care about numbers of followers I have. It's just never been my thing.

My IG is some what of a mish-mash of things. Things I like, things I'm interested in, things I'm doing. Sometimes I'll go for weeks without an adventure, and pull out latergrams like there's no tomorrow. Throwing inspirational quote after inspirational quote and hoping to inspire someone that day. Other times I post food pictures or the occasional attempted fashion post, trying to keep it fresh and different. I always find it funny that the things I'm most interest in, usually gets me the least amount of likes. But I don't mind.

Not only are the topics of photos that I post can differ day to day, but the mood I'm in can also affect the way the feed changes. The way the edits of my photos turn out. I do tend to use the same filters on VSCO (too much F2 or M5 anyone?), but depending on how I feel that day, sometimes my posts are light and fun, and sometimes they are dark and deep. (That's also why the blood of a Gemini runs true for me... multi-personality maybe?) If I ever take the time to scroll back at my feed just to look at what I've posted, sometimes a question mark will pop up over my head. Like, "Wow, what was I thinking that day?"

For some people, keeping their feed the same is what keeps them motivated. It's what keeps people coming back. And maybe that's why their following grows. People like seeing the same photos with different compositions, maybe a sunrise instead of a sunset in the same spot. Or the same inspiring quotes, ones that keep you going through the week and get you to think for a moment. For me, my formula never stays the same. I post what inspires ME. The quotes that get ME through the day. Or the things that inspire ME to get through the week. Maybe I'm being a little selfish and posting what I want for myself. but that's what feeds my flow. That's what keeps me on my toes. Hopefully, you'll find that it keeps you on your toes too...

Go follow me... (or not...) the choice is yours: @cupcakepeonie


I Love Monday's

Monday. Monday. Monday...

Oh how most people loathe you so.

I, on the other hand. LOVE Monday's. Monday's are my rest days, like most people's Sunday's. It's my day to rest, relax, or run errands. What's great about Monday's for me, is that while everyone is dragging their feet into work and drinking their coffee to shake the weekend off, I get to sleep in, cook myself a huge breakfast and do whatever I want or need to do on my day off. Doing my errands are the greatest. No longer do I have to wait in long lines, or fight hoards of mothers and their children in stores. I get to do all of my things in peace. and OH how glorious it is.

Today for example: woke up. made corn beef hash and eggs with OJ. took the dogs out for a pee. then headed out to Target or how my dad likes to call it Tarjee. I bought myself a book. When I got back, I read said book and took a nice little nap. 4:52 pm. Here I am, writing this blog post to you. Who ever you are on the other side of the screen reading this entry. (Hello there by the way! and thank you for coming!)

I probably don't plan on doing much else today. And tomorrow may be the same. Let's just hope I can keep up with these blog posts! I plan on trying to get myself to do them more often. It's kind of nice to get my thoughts out onto paper... errr or the screen I mean. To quiet my thoughts. Sometimes, I feel like there are just too many thougths swimming around up there.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, full of fun, butterflies and shiny rainbows. I mean it... don't let Monday drag you down! Kick it into high gear and let it motivate you for the rest of your week!