How yoga saved my friendship.

Not that my any of my friendships were going bad, or downhill despite the negative connotation of the title of this post.

After a very tough year of falling and growing back up again, I was focusing so much on my work life and career that I really had no time for anything else. I was tired all the time. When people wanted to go out, I feared that I wouldn't have the energy to wake up the next day for work. On my days off, would just sleep in and rest and take as much time to myself as possible to recover for another work week.

This year, while working on myself. I decided it was time to work on my friendships as well.

They say that you become most like the 5 people you hang out with the most.

In order for me to build my friendships, I had to find a way to work these wonderful humans back in my life.

My best friend, and my rock, Emily was one of these people I had gone from seeing everyday, 7 days a week. Working with her and on our days off hanging out with each other. Peas in a pod I tell ya. After she quit her job and started working for another company, seeing her once a week became seeing her every other week... then to once every three weeks. By the time I had realized, I was getting lucky if I ever got to see her at all!

That needed to change. And fast.

We decided after New Years, we were going to start working out, become our better selves, and start seeing each other more. That meant planning dinners, hang outs and what not. Well, sometimes life just gets in the way and scheduling issues arise. Sometimes you just can't help but have to rain check people from time to time. This was not ok with me.

Finally, about a month ago, we vowed to take the @kayla_itsines "Bikini Body Challenge" and work on it together. We wanted to improve our bodies and be summer time ready once the warmer weather came about. On top of that, I decided I really needed to pick up yoga. (Refer to my last post "A yoga mat for christmas.") I began by taking my christmas mat, lugging it around on to the train, bringing it to work and then walking my little butt over to Yoga Mayu in the Mission where I found my home away from home. Tucked away in a quiet corner of an other wise not so quiet district in the city, Yoga Mayu both expanded my mind, my body and my friendship! I was able to see my best friend again!

Every Tuesday, I make my way over to class and meet up with her. Chaturanga my way though the lesson. Breathe in deeply the intention I have for the day. And finish a late night class feeling awesome and refreshed. Afterwards, I'm able to chat face to face with my best friend again! Not only are we improving our bodies, but we are creating a deeper connection in our friendship that we had not had before!

I'm super excited to see the progress that we both have come along. This week is the end of week 4 to the Bikini Body Guide. I'm excited to see what week 12 has to bring!

Yoga Mayu

Kayla Itsines - Bikini Body Guide


A yoga mat for Christmas...

[[This post is in relation to my last //Work it out// post and my backstory to finding yoga in my life again.]]

Yes, we're talking about Christmas. December 25th 2014.

Last year, I didn't want a lot of gifts. In fact, I asked people not to get me anything. All I wanted was to spend time with the people I care about the most and ask them for their time. I have everything I could possibly ever wish for and so much more! Why clutter my house with more junk? So it was then, I started to convert to a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Back to the title of this post, I asked for a yoga mat for Christmas. Not just any yoga mat, but "The Mat" by Lululemon. I figured if it was that popular and that expensive, it MUST be good. And boy was I right! I'm the type of person who needs to have all the materials needed for any type of activity I'm doing, this included working out. I couldn't just wear my old raggedy old over-sized clothing, I had to have "cute" workout gear. I had to research the best YouTube yoga gurus. I had to have the best mat. A good base creates a good foundation for anything in life - that's what I believe.

So this perfect Mat, that I received for Christmas changed my life. "How?" you might ask. By receiving this mat as a gift, it spawned my want for so many other things to go with it, including clothes, more workout gear, music with sitars playing in the background, and (you guessed it) actually doing yoga itself! (WHOA - shocker! lol not really) I finally had the motivation to take my flabby little butt and my brand new mat to an actual yoga class! This antimicrobial, 5mm thick rubber mat has changed my life! I have opened back up, a world of calmness. Deep breathing. Deep stretching. and a whole lotta ohhmmmmmmmm.

I feel like a brand new person! This new lifestyle and way of working out feels so much more organic to me than lifting weights ever did! Yoga has only begun to open up my world to a more magical place where I feel as if I am one with the Earth. Moving and breathing and feeling with every single motion that my body makes and mushing it up all together to create some heat and energy that feels good to my body!

I'm so happy to share this new exciting part of my life with you all! It feels like every day I get closer and closer to being a happier human being everyday.

If you'd like to share, I would love to hear if there was something you found in your life, a single moment, object, experience or something else, that has changed you for the better! Please share it in the comments below!

xoxo my little cupcakes! Namaste! :)


//Work it out//

Live simply. Live better.

For the past few months I have been doing a cleanse. And not the starve-yourself-drink-only-liquids cleanse. But a cleanse of the mind, soul and body. Living simply works wonders for your life.

Doing yoga for the body has helped me discover movements I have never felt and gives me some "me" time to just breathe. It almost feels as if I'm not working out at all. Even if it's just a short 15 minute session or a lengthy hour long session, at the end of the workout I feel happy to have worked out my day on the mat. My favorite has been "Yoga with Adrienne."

More and more I'm realizing that I need to go back to nature. No matter how much is going on in the city and how many fun social events I do in a week. It's always the one weekend I take to just be one with mother earth that always grounds me (literally). Any hike, big or small is better than no hike at all. Even if it's just a short brisk walk to see a water fall, or a crazy up hill climb to the top of Mission Peak. Something is always better than nothing. I usually find at the end of the trip, that I actually enjoyed myself, even if I'm not always enjoying it while in the moment. (Mission peak again anyone??? For sure a leg burner...)

The last and greatest thing I could have done for myself is to let go of anything that is holding you back. And not just to pretend to let it go... REALLY let it go. Ex-boyfriends, un-trustworthy friends, negative people, negative energies, debt, even habits you thought were good for yourself (ahem - retail therapy anyone??? How else did you expect I got into debt?) By simplifying my life and realizing that I am happy with what I have really has been the best sort of cleanse that I have done for myself so far this year.

I can't tell you my secret. To be honest, there really isn't one. I worked through some tough bumps last year and realized this year I wanted it to be better, so I changed the only thing that I could. Myself. You can't change other people. The more you try, the more they resist. So, instead of trying to change them, change yourself. Ask yourself if they are deserving of your time. Ask yourself how much energy are you giving to other people when you could be putting that energy towards improving yourself. Ask yourself if the bad habits you see in other people are the habits you want in yourself. Are they? Probably not. So change yourself and tell yourself that you will do better. Be better. And work harder to be happier. It's a proven fact, happy people attract happy things.

So far it seems to be working for me!